Steve Rodgers is the only Captain America, and really the only superhero, who needs to be white. But it's not white in the American sense, it's Aryan, because Steve was created by Jewish guys to mock the Nazis. I firmly believe that every other member of the "Cap-Family", including momentary replacements of the… » 1/21/15 10:53pm Wednesday 10:53pm

JJ Abrams: "Shit! Shit! Goddamnit! Why didn't we mock it up to look like this guy! Somebody talk to visuals, tell 'em to delete Kylo's friggin' force ghost fighting style and replace it with this guy! It's past post? Fuck, you guys! Goddamnit!" » 1/11/15 7:38pm 1/11/15 7:38pm

The thing is, cartoons have to be careful, because of overseas censorship. Nick can survive pissing off "1,000,000 (like 200) Moms" being angry, but it can't have an episode that won't air in 7/10 countries. That's the confirmed situation of Adventure Time's Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, and you can see it… » 12/21/14 4:55pm 12/21/14 4:55pm

Ignoring the fact that there's no way in hell this "GOP" hacker group came from Pyongyang, I want to know what the future will think of this movie. North Korea is on its way to being remembered the way Auschwitz is today, so will people look back and recognize how strange it is that they treated the subject with such… » 12/15/14 11:33pm 12/15/14 11:33pm